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Cardinal Numbers

Participants in Lewis Terman's Genetic Study of Genius: 1,528

Publications based on the study: 86

Minimum IQ score for Mensa admission: 132

Members of San Francisco Mensa chapter: 2,151



Beer purchased for the weekly SAE fraternity party, in gallons: 15

Percentage of Stanford students who engage in binge drinking: 33.1

Percentage of college students nationally: 42.7

Cost of a pitcher of Budweiser at the Oasis: $5.75



illustration of motorcycle

Pulitzer Prizes won by Los Angeles Times, 1917-1960: 3

Los Angeles Times Pulitzers, 1961-2000: 21

Newsprint required for weekday edition, in metric tons: 953

Models of motorcycles in Otis Chandler's collection: 135

Generations of Chandlers who attended Stanford: 4

Sources: 1. Terman Archives; Mensa; 2. Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Cowell Student Health Center; Harvard School of Public Health; the Oasis; 3. The Pulitzer Prizes; Los Angeles Times; Otis Chandler.

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