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While her children spend their summer vacations in the local pool, Susan (Rapp) von der Lippe, '87, MA '88, will be doing some splashing of her own. Twenty years after retiring from international competition, the 43-year-old swimmer will compete in the Olympic trials, vying for what would be her fourth Summer Games.

Von der Lippe first qualified for the Olympic team at age 15 but was denied a chance to compete when the United States boycotted the 1980 Games in Moscow. Four years later, she won a silver medal in the 200-meter breaststroke in Los Angeles. She also competed in the 1988 Games in Seoul.

She qualified for this year's trials at a race in 2005. But for von der Lippe, her “comeback” is more about the chance to compete than a genuine desire to make the U.S. team. While most Olympic hopefuls hit the pool eight to nine times a week, the mother of two sticks to three sessions with her Masters swim team. And you won't see von der Lippe downing daily protein shakes while training. “No special eating—except chocolate milk,” she says.

The list below, last updated on August 25, includes all Stanford athletes vying for a spot at the Games. Those marked with an asterisk have been selected for their teams. You can read updates on the athletes by following the links from their names.

*John Gall, '00

Women's basketball
*Clare Bodensteiner, '07, MA '07
(New Zealand)
*Jillian Harmon, '09
(New Zealand)
Candice Wiggins, '08

Women's crew
*Sabrina Kolker, '03, MA '03 (Canada)
*Eleanor Logan, '10
Samantha Magee, '05
*Lindsay Meyer, '11

Men's crew
*David Banks, '05
*Adam Kreek, '06 (Canada)
*Jamie Schroeder, '04, MA '05

Women's cycling
*Christine Thorburn, MD '99

Men's gymnastics
*Dave Durante,
Bryant Hadden, '09
Sho Nakamori, '08
David Sender,

Women's gymnastics
Lenika DeSimone, '12 (Spain)

Men's soccer
*Simon Elliott,
'01 (New Zealand)

*Ryan Nelsen, '03 (New Zealand)

Women's soccer
*Nicole Barnhart, '04
*Rachel Buehler, '07
Kelley O'Hara, '10
*Ali Riley, '10 (New Zealand)

*Lauren Lappin, '06
*Jessica Mendoza, '02, MA '03

Men's swimming
Chris Ash, '09
Randall Bal, '03
Danny Beal, '08
Bobby Bollier, '12
Nate Cass, '09
Josh Charnin-Aker, '11
Alex Coville, '10
Jayme Cramer, '05
John Criste, '11
Matt Crowe, '07
*David Dunford, '10 (Kenya)
*Jason Dunford, '09 (Kenya)
Egan Gans, '08
Eugene Godsoe, '10
Andy Grant, '07
B.J. Johnson, '09
Paul Kornfeld, '09
Scotty Korotkin, '11
Chad La Tourette, '12
Scott Lathrope, '09
Peter Marshall, '04
*Phillip Morrison, '08 (Brazil)
David Mosko, '11
*Tobias Oriwol, '06 (Canada)
Shaun Phillips, '07
Dan Priestley, '09
*Markus Rogan, '04 (Austria)
Patrick Simpkins, '10
Austin Staab, '11
Hongzhe Sun, '07
Andrew Trepp, '09
*Ben Wildman-Tobriner, '07
Paul Zaich, '09

Women's swimming
Andrea Axtell, '09
Brooke Bishop, '08
*Elaine Breeden, '10
Caroline Bruce, '08
Kate Dwelley, '11
Kelley Hug, '10
Dana Kirk, '06
Tara Kirk, '04, MA '05
Kerry Kraemer, '11
Fiona O'Donnell-McCarthy, '09
Caitlin Reynolds, '10
Madeline Rovira, '09
*Julia Smit, '10
Elizabeth Smith, '11
Whitney Spence, '10
Stefanie Sutton, '10
Laura Wadden, '09

Women's diving
Meg Hostage, '11
Cassidy Krug, '07

Men's tennis
*Bob Bryan, '00
*Mike Bryan, '00

Men's triathlon
Steven Duplinsky, '10

Men's track & field
Russell Brown, '07
Andrew Dargie, '11 (Canada)
*Ian Dobson, '04
*Ryan Hall, '05
Graeme Hoste, '08
Gabe Jennings, '01
Jason Lunn, '02
Jonathon Riley, '01
*Michael Robertson, '06
Grant Robison, '01
Daniel Schaerer, '08
Michael Stember, '00
Toby Stevenson, '00

Women's track & field
*Leila Ben-Youssef, '04, MA '05 (Tunisia)
*Jill Camarena, '04
Jackie Edwards, '92
Malindi Elmore, '02
Lauren Fleshman, '03, MA '04
Sara Bei Hall, '05
*Arantxa King, '11 (Bermuda)
Arianna Lambie, '07
Dani Maier, '07
*Erica McLain, '08
Sabrina Nettey, '11 (Canada)
Summer Pierson, '00
Alicia Craig Shay, '05
Sarah Hopping Veress, '06

Women's volleyball
Foluke Akinradewo, '09
Cynthia Barboza, '09
Alix Klineman, '11
*Ogonna Nnamani, '05
Kristin Richards, '07
*Logan Tom, '03

Men's volleyball
*Gabe Gardner, '99
*Kevin Hansen, '04, MA '05

Men's beach volleyball
Mike Lambert, '96
Matt Fuerbringer, '97

Women's beach volleyball
*Kerri Walsh, '00

Men's water polo
*Tony Azevedo, '04
*Layne Beaubien, '98
Thomas Hopkins, '06
*Peter Hudnut, '03
*Peter Varellas, '06

Women's water polo
*Alison Gregorka, '07
*Jessica Steffens, '09
*Brenda Villa, '02

Men's wrestling
*Matt Gentry, '04 (Canada)

Women's wrestling
Patricia Miranda, '01, MA '02


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