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Stanford Book Salon

Bookworms unite! Each year, this seriously unstuffy community of Stanford alumni, family and friends gathers online to read and discuss a different book handpicked by one of our renowned faculty hosts.

Current Book - November 2018

  • Good Will
    by Jane Smiley.
    Hosted by: Scotty McLennan

    "I love the book because it's suffused with love and deep appreciation of life -- mixed with inevitable human vices like pride, greed and envy that can undermine our happiness and fulfillment."

    Scotty McLennan, lecturer in political economy at the Graduate School of Business and former dean for religious life at Stanford

Upcoming Books

  • January 2019

    Zeno's Conscience by Italo Svevo

    Hosted by: Scott Hutchins, lecturer for the Creative Writing Program

  • March 2019

    The Children Act by Ian McEwan

    Hosted by: Heather Hadlock, associate professor of music

  • April 2019

    The Vegetarian by Han Kang

    Hosted by: Dafna Zur, assistant professor of East Asian Languages and Cultures

  • May 2019

    The Iliad by Homer, with notes by Richard Martin

    Hosted by: Richard Martin, Antony and Isabelle Raubitschek Professor in Classics

Past Books

The Stanford Book Salon [Seriously Unstuffy]

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The Stanford Book Salon remembers our founder, Diane Middlebrook.

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