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Book Salon FAQs & Ground Rules


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Ground Rules

  • Please stay on topic and introduce information relevant to the discussion (historical facts, book background, related authors/subjects, themes, etc). Think of the online discussion like a book club meeting at your home, where everyone has shown up to hear about the book, more than anything else.
  • Please only reply if you have something new to add to the discussion. Many alumni last season shared they really loved the book discussion, but unsubscribed due to the increase in messages like, "I agree with so and so," "I just started reading the book!" or even "Me too!". Generally in online discussions, silence implies agreement.
  • If you have a reply specifically for the sender of the message, go ahead and reply just to that individual. Otherwise, reply to the forum when messages are relevant to the public discussion.
  • Please jump in when you have something to contribute to the discussion, but don't post excessively or monopolize the conversation. Patience in responding encourages more contributors with a wider variety of ideas and perspectives.
  • Feel free to share your ideas and Stanford experiences and remember this is not a place for advertising, promotion, recruiting, campaigning, soliciting, etc; please use your best judgment.
  • Please remember to be respectful of others ideas and thoughts; we do not want to discourage discussion participation. We encourage the more timid to speak up and contribute to our discussion. Remember, our faculty hosts love to hear your thoughts on their selection, and this is a perfect forum to bring insight into literature.