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Stanford Professionals in Energy

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    Stanford Professionals in Energy (SPIE) aims to build on Stanford’s leadership in energy research and innovation by providing a platform for real-world professional development and engagement. SPIE serves Stanford alumni across the energy sector: renewables, utilities, developers, oil and gas, biofuels, EVs, etc. We launched in June 2015 and have regional outposts in the Bay Area, Houston, and the mid-Atlantic. We plan to eventually span the globe!

SPIE - YPE switch~

Stanford Professionals in Energy (SPIE) is partnering with Young Professionals in Energy (YPE : to host a virtual switch~ event on July 29 at 6 p.m.  SPIE’s switch~ events have been annual information-sharing and networking opportunities showcasing some of the most innovative ideas that are changing how we make, use, and think about energy. switch~ features short, fast-paced, TedX-style talks for anyone who's involved or simply interested in energy. 

The theme for this event is Energy Storage. We are thrilled to have several phenomenal speakers presenting diverse ideas on the evolving landscape for Energy Storage and what the future may hold. The program includes the following speakers and more.

Aloke Gupta “Grid Flexibility for a Clean Grid in California”

Sarah Woogen “Electric Vehicles as Energy Storage through Vehicle-Grid-Integration (VGI)”

Yen T. Yeh “Why are Batteries Getting Cheaper?”

Jin Noh “Storage for Reliability & Resiliency”

switch~ is a great opportunity to learn about cutting-edge ideas and network with professionals who are driving social change and innovation in the energy industry. There will be virtual small-group networking opportunities after all speakers have presented.

At the time of your registration, please feel welcome to questions/topics for discussion to allow us to frame the discussion. Space is limited (~50 attendees), so reserve your spot now. YPE/SPIE will send a confirmation link the day of the event to confirm your registration and provide Zoom details. Please feel welcome to register your guest(s). See you there!YPE is a registered non-profit organization and collects and utilizes donations for future events. The minimum donation on Eventbrite is $1.

Attendees consent to the recording of this webinar, as well as the use and distribution of the attendee's image in future Young Professionals in Energy promotional emails and materials.

Check out the YPE website! Check out the switch website!

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