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Over 500 class groups, clubs and online communities are listed below. Find a group of alumni who enjoyed similar Stanford experiences, or a group that's all about where you are in life now. Wait, why pick just one? Join as many as you'd like.

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GSB Sacramento

Region: CA - Sacramento
Category: None
Members: 246 Members

Description: GSB alumni in the Sacramento area are encouraged to use this group to exchange news, post and learn about local events, and to network. Currently you will find a member list, group discussion board, and photo gallery under the "Group Links." Your group can also have a blog, post documents, and additional web pages but to do so we need an group administrator.

Interested in being an administrator of this group? Contact Alumni Relations.

Sacramento Stanford Association

Region: CA - Sacramento
Category: None
Members: 2056 Members


Connect with fellow alums, meet new people, explore local activities and become part of the Sacramento Stanford community of alums, families and friends. Join the fun! Send us your ideas, host an event, and visit us on: 



SLS Sacramento Chapter

Region: Global
Category: None
Members: 141 Members

Description: This group provides social, intellectual, and professional opportunities for SLS alumni in the Sacramento area to connect with each other and with the school. If you are interested in getting involved in this chapter, contact one of our chapter officers below or SLS Alumni Relations.

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