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Originalism and Textualism--U.S. Supreme Court Judicial Philosophies (6:00 pm PST)

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Thu, February 25, 2021
06:00PM - 07:30PM
Zoom, San Francisco CA 94115
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This event is brought to you free of charge courtesy of The Stanford Women's Club of San Francisco.
Kathy Trafton, '78, '80

In light of the Senate confirmation hearings for Justice Amy Coney Barrett, as well as other Constitutional issues, Professor Little will provide an overview of the judicial philosophies of “originalism” and “textualism,” and what they mean for issues in the U.S. Supreme Court today. He’ll also discuss the viability of the Supreme Court as an independent branch of the federal government. Some critics argue, and Professor Little will discuss, whether recent presidential appointments to the Court and the perception the Supreme Court is overly partisan has eroded the Court's position as the independent cornerstone of our democracy based on the rule of law.

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