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JAF Human Rights and Refugees

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Thu, November 19, 2020
06:00PM - 07:00PM
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Mrs Priyanka Sharma Wahl

On November 19 at 18:00-19:00, the Joint Alumni Forum ('JAF', a forum of Cambridge, Columbia, Harvard, Oxford, Yale and Stanford alumni groups in Switzerland that focusses on environmental, sustainability and governance matters (ESG))will present a virtual panel discussion on Human Rights and Refugees.You may not be surprised that (according to UNCHR) as of 2020 there are 25.9 million refugeesmore than half of whom are under 18, and around 70 percent of refugee families live below the poverty line.  The final JAF event for 2020 will feature three speakers, Gerry Simpson (Human Rights Watch),  Garif Yalak (CISCO) and Hussam Allaham (Powercoders). Our keynote speaker and panel will provide perspective to the plight of refugees, not only on the unspeakable suffering and tragedy amongst the refugee population, but also that there is reason for hope, focusing on the resilience of refugees and how many refugees are able to turn things around when given support and entrepreneurial assistance. We conclude with a panel discussion and Q&A and chance for you to raise comments. 

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