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Crisis Communications & Management -- Takeaways from Princess Cruises' COVID Response (Zoom)

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Wed, September 23, 2020
05:00PM - 06:00PM
Zoom Online Meeting
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Is your organization ready for a crisis you haven't foreseen? Even the best PR crisis management teams probably didn't prepare their clients for a global pandemic and its ramifications. While you can't role play every crisis your organization may encounter, it is critical that you are flexible and ready to respond to things beyond your control that could change your business overnight.

Few people understand this better than Gordon Ho, '87 BS Industrial Engineering. As the recent CMO at Princess Cruises, he was at the center of the maelstrom as passengers from the Diamond Princess cruise ship were quarantined on board as the coronavirus outbreak unfolded. Gordon shares an overview of key events and crisis communication learnings from the Diamond Princess coronavirus outbreak in Japan.

Gordon will share in-depth information about Princess emergency preparation, care teams, content strategies and communication plans in this engaging session. In addition, he'll share lessons learned to help you and your organization prepare to be responsive, flexible, and adaptive to unanticipated crisis that could impact your customers, staff or other constituents.  Hopefully your team will never face the type of crisis Gordon's team did, but his experience navigating pandemics, politics and people can provide valuable lessons to help you prepare for the unexpected.

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