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SNYA Virtual Event Series - Uncultivated: A Tribute to Weeds

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Tue, August 04, 2020
07:00PM - 08:00PM
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Uncultivated is a truly pleasurable romp into the shockingly spectacular world of weed flowers, flowers often so small we easily not only walk “by” them, but walk “on” them.  The photo collection was captured over the course of more than a decade via macro photography, and was so life altering to the photographer that it led to years of research, not only to learn these tiny plant’s names, but gathering hundreds of amusing quotes, poems, and other interesting information including plant histories and uses.  This short lecture pulls together the best of the best of the photos, quotes and interesting stories on this largely unnoticed yet ubiquitous category of plants. 

Preview some aesthetically interesting weeds here:

Botanical survivors, terrorists, protestors, refugees; the secret underground, defenders of rights, slow determined souls you can work to keep at bay, but who always ultimately win in the end.  Some are natives living here since what seems like the beginning of time, while others are foreign, visitors by shoes, crates, ships and wind.  Some are slow growing, perhaps even rare, just not showy enough to be coveted, while others are so invasive they pop up like mushrooms overnight, and spread like wildfire flames.  Whether any of this is important is perhaps in the eye of the beholder.  This collection is a pondering of weeds.  It hopefully inspires you, the viewer, though, to also step back from ponderings and judgements, and visually explore weeds simply as they are, for the oddest part about weeds is they are rarely actually “looked” at.  Once you choose to “see” them, you may be surprised to find they draw you into a world entirely their own.

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