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Virtual Event: Restoring Civility To Our Public Discourse

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Wed, August 12, 2020
05:00PM - 06:00PM
Zoom event, San Francisco CA 94016
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Kathy Trafton, 78, 80

Rear Admiral John Bitoff will address what many perceive as the rise of incivility in America. Through the lens of history, he looks at the root causes of the corrosion of manners, and of downright meanness, and he considers why the virtues of humility and kindness seem to be on the wane.

The admiral extolls civility by recounting military stories and personal anecdotes, and exploring the writings of philosophers, writers, scientists and leaders. His experience in leading men and women in difficult circumstances, of service in the highest level of the military, and his efforts in the field of international relations—particularly arms control—make him especially well suited to address the topical subject of civility.

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