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The Yield Curve: What is it? What does it mean for you?

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Wed, March 04, 2020
07:30AM - 08:45AM
Coco's Bakery Restaurant
2750 Harbor Blvd., Costa Mesa CA 92626
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$20 includes breakfast (pay when you arrive)
Please RSVP to Ron Thommarson, ' 90

Robert Motoshige, AB ’89, will present an overview of the yield curve: what it is, what drives it, and what it means for the overall economy. Does the inverted yield curve from last year portend an upcoming recession?  Did you know that over $10 trillion of global debt is negative yielding? How does that affect global investors’ decisions in where to allocate pension savings? How does it affect interest rates in the US? Demand for dollars? Global credit markets?

Robert majored in Economics at Stanford, and went on to become a bond trader for Morgan Stanley in Tokyo and London, where he traded Japanese Government Bonds (JGBs) and bond options. His most recent role was as a portfolio manager at PAAMCO, a fund of hedge funds, based in Irvine, CA. There, he managed the Fixed Income Relative Value portfolio, which included arbitrage strategies in developed and emerging markets, structured products (Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities, Commercial Mortgage-Backed, Collateralized Loan Obligations), Foreign Exchange, Commodities, and systematic futures trading strategies. As a child, Robert grew up in Mexico City, Tokyo, and California. After graduation, he has worked in Asia, Europe, and South America, and traveled extensively in those regions.
Please join us for breakfast to discuss these topics!


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The Yield Curve: What is it? What does it mean for you?
Wednesday, March 04, 2020 @ 7:30 AM

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