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Dawn of the She Devil of the China Sea

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Sat, May 30, 2020
07:15PM - 09:45PM
Annex Theatre
1100 E. Pike St., Seattle WA 98122
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$10 - $40 (Choose your price)

A fun, new stage play by alum Roger Tang (’79) telling the true (swear-to-God) story of the greatest pirate in history. Shih clawed her way up to support her disabled sister. But when she gets the offer of a lifetime, dark forces gather to destroy her before she can accept…and fulfill a destiny from the gods! An action fantasy of pirate queens, swords and sorcery! (AND in the pipeline before Mulan was announced). 

After the show, head over to Rancho Bravo to buy a late night burrito and meet playwright Roger Tang!

Note about location: The Annex Theater is located on the 2nd floor (no elevator access). For more details about the venue, visit this link:
Note about pricing: The general admission pricing reflects the Annex Theatre's efforts of making theatre accessible to all audiences. During checkout, attendees have the option of including a donation with the ticket purchase. 

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Dawn of the She Devil of the China Sea
Saturday, May 30, 2020 @ 7:15 PM

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