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Trivia Lotto: Southside Spirit House [For real this time]

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Tue, January 21, 2020
08:00PM - 09:45PM
Southside Spirit House
575 Howard St, SAN FRANCISCO CA 94105
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Oscar Guerrero, MS '18

TL;DR: Enter lottery to play trivia at bar. If you don’t get selected, then you get your money back.

Do you have an absurdly good memory for the most obscure niche information? Do you find yourself yelling at TVs when Jeopardy is on? We need your special gift. We’ll be testing our skills together at one of SF’s many trivia night bars; since we can only have a few people, we’ll be using a lottery system to see who gets in (works so well for housing, right?).

If you don’t get selected, no worries, we’ll get you back your money. This is a great way to test your skills, meet some cool fun people, and try out a new spot. Let’s get it!

For more information, contact Oscar Guerrero, MS ’18, at

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