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CA - Menlo Park: Spruce Up Family Connections Preschool Garden

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Sat, April 27, 2019
09:30AM - 11:30AM
1391 Chilco Street, Menlo Park CA 94025
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Nisha Somani, '02

Join fellow alumni in helping Family Connections spruce up and improve the garden and outdoor play area of their Menlo Park (Belle Haven) preschool site so that underserved children and parents can learn and create lasting memories together in the sun.

Tasks may include but are not limited to:

* Planting and yard work in the garden

* Laying down mulch around the garden

* Cleaning out and adding new sand into sand boxes

* Setting up tree rounds in the garden

* Create an art center with chalk board paint and magnetic board

Work/gardening gloves, comfortable clothing, sunscreen, and hat are recommended. If you have gardening tools or paint supplies to lend, please bring!

Children 5+ are welcome with parental supervision. Please bring snacks and water as needed.

Family Connections knows that a positive family dynamic is key to a child's "success." Through in-depth family support and high quality education (via our free parent participation preschools, elementary school coaching, and parent education and leadership opportunities), Family Connections helps underserved families in San Mateo County sustain supportive, productive relationships.

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