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Knife skills + tacos - Sold Out

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Fri, February 22, 2019
06:00PM - 08:30PM
Home of Arlene Jacobs
Provided upon registration, New York NY 10019
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$75 includes a taco buffet we will prepare
Ms. Tracy Young

Learn knife skills and prepare a taco buffet for dinner!   We will prepare  a marinated Shrimp salad and bean salad as fillers with assorted fresh condiments.  The idea is to involve practice of the knife skills and allow everyone to participate in creating a fun buffet.
Arlene currently does private teaching, after having worked in some of NY’s top restaurants, ultimately attaining the position of Executive Chef.  One of her mentors was Jean-Georges Vongericten at Lafayette Restaurant.  She attended the French Culinary Institute, currently ICC, and after many years in the restaurant world, returned to The French Culinary Institute as a Chef/Instructor.  She has also worked as a recipe developer/food writer for Fine Cooking magazine, and has been a restaurant consultant.

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