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Lecture: How to brand simple and succeed (based on best-selling book "BrandSimple")

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Mon, February 11, 2019
06:30PM - 08:30PM
Stanford in New York Center
915 Broadway, New York NY 10010
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$10 Alums '13-'18; $15 Alums Prior to '13
Ms. Yuliya Mykhaylovska

Walk down any city street. Run through any airport. Open a computer. Swipe a cellphone screen. If, by chance, you still go old school, turn on a television. Whatever the venue, online or off, there’s no question that it’s a branded world. We are bombarded by brands. Big brands and small brands. Global brands and local brands. Sports and entertainment brands. Analog and digital brands. Product, people, and place brands.  The number of brands is increasing, as is the number of ways brands try to get our attention. That we swim in sea of brands is a fact of life. 

So, what exactly is a brand? And, what is branding? How are these two concepts related? How do you create a new brand, or energize a tired one? What enables one brand to keep on gaining in popularity while another in the same category withers and die.

 In this lecture, Allen Adamson will unlock the world of brands and branding. 

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