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Professor Luskin and the Science of Happiness (How to be Happier) -Sold out

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Fri, November 16, 2018
06:00PM - 08:30PM
Stanford In New York Center
915 Broadway, Suite 1801, New York NY 10021
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$10 for young alumni; $15 general admission
Ms. Nathalie Weis

Join us for happy hour and a talk with Dr. Luskin as he shares the neurobiology behind mood states and offers strategies for finding the good, becoming more peaceful, improving relationships and appreciating yourself. He's part of a movement that looked at psychology in the mid-1990's and saw science based on what was wrong with people: misery, anger, frustration, and depression. They shifted the paradigm to focus on and appreciate what is going right. Now, let's come together to learn about what makes people happy and why.



Fred Luskin is director of the Stanford Forgiveness Projects and a senior consultant in health promotion at Vaden Health Center. His research centers on the intersection of spiritual values and physical and emotional well-being. Fred has engaged in international work with victims and survivors of violence in Northern Island conflicts, Ground Zero, and Sierra Leone, yielding significant results in forgiveness, stress reduction, and enhanced states of well-being

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