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Career Coaches

Get help from the experts and renewed perspective on your career goals. Find a coach near you today! Stanford Alumni Association members receive a free initial exploratory session.

NOTE: Career coaching is a very personal service, and everyone's needs are different. Everyone listed is a professional career coach; however, Stanford makes no representation as to the nature of the services they will provide to you.

SCHEDULING AND RATES: To schedule a coaching session or to inquire about rates, please contact the coaches directly. Some coaches are available for remote coaching via phone.

Palo Alto

Roy Blitzer

Bay Area



Jennifer Porter


Jill Fahlgren

New York

Kathy McConnell


Mario DiCioccio

Questions to Consider:

To help find a coach that will meet your needs, consider these questions to ask, from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

  1. What is their coaching process and methodology?
  2. What key topics are covered in the sessions?
  3. What type of self-assessment tools are used? Is there a separate fee for self-assessment?
  4. What are the benefits of a coaching relationship?
  5. What type of individuals do they have experience working with? (job changers, executives, re-entrys, etc.)
  6. What is his/her level of experience and track record?
  7. What are his/her coaching credentials?
  8. What if I don't live in the same city as you?  Can I go through the coaching process by phone and/or email?
  9. What kind of time commitment is involved outside of the 1:1 sessions? (hours per week? is there homework involved?)
  10. How often will you meet? (weekly or monthly)  How long? (30 min, 1hr, etc.)
  11. How accessible are they?  Can you call anytime or do you need an appointment? What is their preferred method of contact? (email or phone)
  12. How many total sessions do they think you'll need?
  13. How much do they charge?
  14. Do they have references available?