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  • Greetings,

    Hope you have enjoyed the Stanford Alumni Blog - Inside Design and found The Huffington Post stories useful and inspiring. Our Design Quantification team’s design research made significant progress last year and submitted the following scientific papers:

    - Design Driven Portfolio Management

    - Business Plans Informed by Design

    - Profit from Design - leveraging design in business

    - Improving Collaborative Concept Evaluation using Concept Aspect Profile Method

    - Inspiring Design - Informed by Metrics

    - Design Philosophy Drives Product Performance

    - What Designers Can Learn from Artists & Architects About the Philosophy within Conceptualization

    Our team is looking for committed professionals interested in collaborating on design research. For 2012 we are pursuing the following themes:

    - Build Dynamic Capabilities Through the Use of Design (first article published in The Huffington Post)

    - Design for the Third Stage of Life

    - Translating Marketing Insight Into Actionable – Inspirational Design Briefs

    Look forward to share more insights with you from the world of design research.

    Yours sincerely, - Soren

    Posted by Dr. Soren Ingomar Petersen in inside design  on Jan 23 2012 12:57PM | 0 comments


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