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  • You may not know that the City of Glendale travels with the Fiesta Bowl staff to the universities to officially welcome the teams playing in the big game. Today I'd like to introduce you to Jen Stein, the Senior Marketing/Communications Manager for Glendale. She's our guest blogger, and had a rather unusual experience at a hotel in Stanford - see below:

    "One of the best experiences of working on a Fiesta Bowl is getting to know the teams that are selected. I had the honor of traveling to Stanford with the Fiesta Bowl to meet the wonderful coaches, athletic administration and the alumni staff.  In addition, we had the opportunity to share our information and stories through Stanford’s savvy social media. We answered questions on a facebook chat and shared Fun Fiesta Bowl facts for a You Tube video. Actually, this might be a good place for me to add a correction to one of my facts. So here it is – the amount of concrete used to build the stadium is equal to 900 miles of sidewalk, (coincidentally) the distance between Glendale and San Francisco.  It was a great, productive trip to the campus and city of Palo Alto and I enjoyed catching a glimpse of the Cardinal spirit, talent and commitment while I was on campus. The fact that the school’s ticket allotment was sold out when I was there is a true testament to the loyalty and fan excitement from students, faculty, administration and alumni, as well as the level of talent coming from the football program.  What completes a trip for me always circles back to my food experiences and I had a fantastic dinner at the Sundance Steakhouse. That’s why I hope you all can take advantage of the great restaurants in Glendale, Ariz. ,specifically in the historic downtown Glendale and Westgate City Center area, which is next to the stadium. For tips on all the best places, check out our Visitor Guide.

    But I have to say my absolute highlight of the trip was the middle of the night fire alarm evacuation at my hotel! Okay,  maybe not a highlight but I did see some fire truck lights. After my cardio exercise down the 10 flights of stairs and then back up, all was well."  


    We're happy everyone's OK Jen!

    Until next time,



    Posted by Ms. Laurie Berg Sapp on Dec 21 2011 9:02AM | 0 comments


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