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  • This is my last planned entry for “Our Adoption Journey”. I hope you found something along the way that connected with you whether you are adopted yourself, an adoptive parent, a birthparent, or just someone interested in the process. Of course, the one thing I have discovered going through our journey is that every experience is different. What was tough for us may have been easy for others, and vice versa. I don’t claim to be any sort of expert in adoption. I just know what I know through my own experiences, and I hope you learned something about adoption from them.

    I know that only people who are registered with this blog are allowed to comment on it, but I also know from the moderators here that there are many others of you who stop by to read. If there are questions I haven’t answered or any other insight I can give you, please feel free to email me at Also, for anyone interested in the subject of gay adoption or gay parenting in general, I would recommend the documentary Daddy and Papa. I referenced it in my first posting about adoption, and it’s a great resource as well as an inspirational story.

    My original purpose for beginning to contribute to this blog was to provide the perspective of the gay parent. Somehow that morphed into people asking me to lay out the entire timeline of our adoption process. It was a fun, cathartic, and sometimes slightly-painful process, and I hope you all gained a little something from it. Now, though, it’s time to go back to blogging as the “gay dad”. I promise that I will update this blog when we get matched for the second time so you can all share in the news as well. Thanks again for following me on the journey!

    Posted by Mr. Alec MacKenzie in Adoption,gay dads,same-sex parenting  on Feb 2 2011 5:24PM | 0 comments


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