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Your Reunion. Your Stanford. : Stanford Reunion Homecoming 2014

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    Anytime you need immediate medical, police, or fire response:

    • Call 911 from most cell phones (not all carriers connect to 911 services) or a pay phone; or
    • Press the red button on a blue emergency phone tower.
    • Find a Reunion Homecoming staff member who will radio for assistance.

    The first two methods will reath the local 911 Emergency Dispatch Center, which is staffed 24 hours a day. Pushing the red button on the blue tower phone will activate a blue strobe light on top that alerts others, including responding deputies, to your location.

    Please remember that the Emergency Phones are in place for reporting emergencies, intentional misuse, prank calls, or tampering with these phones is a criminal offense.

    For additional safety information, visit the Stanford University Department of Public Safety Em...

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    Posted by Mr. David Gonzales on Oct 7 2014 12:50AM | 0 comments

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    Other Stanford University Events

    Interested in other Stanford University readings, talks, performances, exhibitions, and more?

    View other non-Reunion related events on the following days:

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    Posted by Mr. David Gonzales on Oct 7 2014 12:24AM

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    Wifi on Campus

    With the Stanford Visitor network, you can use the university's wireless netowk to access the internet while on-campus. The visitor network offers limited bandwith and sessions are limited to 12 hours. Services are limited to email, web browsing, VPN, and SSH.


    • Select the SSID 'Stanford Visitor' from your device's list of available wireless networks.
    • Open a browser and load any URL; you will be redirected to an access page (on a mobile phone, the access page should open automatically).
    • Click 'Accept' to acknowledge the terms of use. Your browser will be sent to a confirmation page and from there you can get online.

    Visit the Wireless Access for Stanford Visitors webpage for more information.

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    Posted by Mr. David Gonzales on Oct 6 2014 12:08AM