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The State of the Student -- Archives : June, 2011

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    Changes to Stanford Alumni Blogs

    Thank you for reading Stanford's alumni blogs. We want to notify our readers that we're taking our alumni writings in a new direction--forming one big community of bloggers rather than many blogs with specific topics. The blogs you've been reading continue to be available, but as archives only. All new posts will be on a single Alumni Blog (Click here to set up RSS notification). The bloggers whose writings you've enjoyed will, we hope, continue contributing on the Alumni Blog along with a whole new crop of bloggers writing about new topics. So jump in! Become a guest blogger, or simply read and comment on posts.

    You can view the Alumni Blog anytime or sign up for RSS notification of new posts. We'll see you on the blog!

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    Posted by Ms. Summer Moore Batte on Jun 21 2011 1:02PM | 0 comments