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The State of the Student -- Archives : schools

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    The State of the Student

    Our Hurried Children
    “The concept of childhood, so vital  to the traditional American way of life, is threatened with extinction in the  society we have created. Today’s child has become the unwilling victim of  overwhelming stress—the stress borne of rapid, bewildering social change and  constantly rising expectations.”

    When were these words written? If you are thinking they’re from  a recent educational symposium or an address by U.S. Secretary of Education Arne  Duncan, you would be wrong. The words  are from 1981, written by then-controversial child psychologist and author  David Elkind, Ph.D. What, we said? Our children hurried? How could that be when childhood in America is as  sacrosanct as Mom’s apple pie and the 4th of July?

    Because it wa...

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    Posted by Ms. Charlene Scholtes Margot on Jun 8 2010 5:41PM | 1 comments