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    Fiesta Bowl Fare - Grilled Navajo Tacos

    Grilled Navajo Tacos, Panini Happy

    Let’s cheer on our Cardinal as they head down to Arizona for the Fiesta Bowl! Here’s a fun recipe for a grilled twist on an Arizona specialty, Navajo tacos. Traditionally, Navajo tacos feature a combination of beans and/or ground beef and toppings such as lettuce, tomatoes, onions and cheese all atop crispy fry bread. Since I like to use my panini maker for all kinds of cooking, I’ve opted to grill the fry bread. No panini maker? A regular gas grill will work just as well. 

    Grilled Navajo Tacos

    By Kathy Strahs, Panini Happy

    The fry bread portion of this recipe was slightly adapted from the

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    Posted by Ms. Kathryn Lipscomb Strahs on Dec 29 2011 2:18PM | 1 comments