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    A Fiesta Bowl travel guide: What to do and where to eat around Phoenix, as suggested by Stanford alumni

    Hey Fiesta Bowl goers, here's a little post-Xmas gift for you: a list of travel tips from a few fellow Stanford alums who know the Phoenix/Glendale area well.

    Also check out this handy “Fiesta Top Fives” list on the Stanford Alumni Association’s Fiesta Bowl website, and this Sunset Magazine Glendale day trip, published last December but still pretty much on the mark.

    Sunset Magazine's Glendale Day trip




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    Posted by Mrs. Amy Wolf on Dec 28 2011 1:33PM | 4 comments

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    Fiesta Bowl Adventures in Glendale

    Are you ready to Fiesta in Arizona? I’m here to give my perspective on Stanford’s upcoming participation in the Fiesta Bowl on January 2 in Glendale, Arizona.

    I have a rather unique take on the event. I’m a Stanford graduate, receiving a Masters degree in Broadcast Journalism many moons ago, when we were still shooting on tape and computers took up large rooms. I also work for the City of Glendale, running the city’s television station, Glendale 11, and the Glendale Media Center, which looks out onto the University of Phoenix stadium and will host broadcasters and other media from around the country in the next couple of weeks. Panoramic view of UOP stadium from the Glendale Media CenterLet me say first you will be blown away by the stadium – it’s designed by world renowned archi...

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    Posted by Ms. Laurie Berg Sapp on Dec 19 2011 10:45AM | 0 comments