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    A Mother's Itch for Adventure

    Remember those stories starting with “It was a dark and stormy night?” Indeed it was, that first night of our weekend trip with my four-year-old. We were standing the middle of a deserted parking lot, a few miles past the Yosemite National Park entrance. My friend handed my son the lantern, which cast a soothing glow into the coal black darkness. She was itching for a short hike to the falls, but Alex knew he’d have none of it. We’d driven through rain all the way from San Francisco to Yosemite, and he didn’t care to poke around looking for waterfalls at night. It was only six o’ clock, and the temperature was 40 degrees, dropping further. I understood his fear; I’ve felt it myself, but somehow the woods are reassuring to me, even in the pitch black of night, even with the sound of nearby cars reminding us of civilization.  

    I love being a mother, but I miss this part of my life in the age BC – before children came...

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    Posted by Ms. Li Miao Lovett on Nov 21 2011 2:50PM | 0 comments