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The Alumni Blog : Gen Y

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    Senior Fall at Stanford Through the Eyes of a Mother

    In a word: busy. We're closing in on Thanksgiving break and hearing from my college senior is an occasional text, a random phone call and maybe a quick email. That's all fine and good but a visual was really helpful. What seems to be common amongst seniors is that they are very focused on fulfilling all requirements, whether it's distribution requirements or reqs. for their major. They are meeting pretty regularly with their advisor.They are socializing alot, attending their "last"... full moon on the Quad, Big Game Gaieties, Big Game, water polo event, soccer game...They have brushed up their resumes, attended the "career fair" and have been going through various stages of interviews with various companies, feeling the agony of defeat when they don't make the final round or they don't get the job. Or feel positively elated when they land the job! Especially in this economy when so many of the companies that used to recruit on campus no longer come. They are truly burning the can...

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    Posted by Mrs. Beppie Weintz Cerf on Nov 17 2011 1:31PM | 0 comments