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    My New Job: Family Driving Instructor

    Last week, Cameron got his learner's permit, a few days after turning 16. Unlike in my day, kids (at least where we live) aren't excessively eager to get their driver's licenses. It's easy enough for them to get around town on their own without a car, so why bother?

    The process today is a lot different than it was back then, which seems like a good thing. I may be a little off, but I think all we had to do was take Driver's Ed (in school!), then take a written test to get our permit at age 15-1/2, then take a driving test once we turned 16. Nowadays, kids have a much more structured process to go through, including logging specific numbers of hours with both a private driving school and with us. We let Cameron figure it all out, since it will be him who gets the license, not us.

    Now that he has his permit, he has to sign up for a session (or two? How would I know?) with a professional driving school. Once he's done that, it will be time to get in the car with him ...

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    Posted by Mr. Marty Beene on Aug 20 2011 10:46AM | 0 comments