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    At Least You're Not That Girl (Anymore)

    Recently, one of my best friends from college sent me a photograph, with the subject line, "At Least You're Not That Girl (Anymore)". It was a picture from 1992 - the two of us standing in front of Branner right before our end-of-the-year party. At the time, I thought I looked quite fetching. Newly permed and a vision in a black sheath dress, the image in my head of myself that night and the reality of this photograph were, dare I say, competitive. Let's take a peek, shall we? (I've removed his face to save face.)

    Now, in my defense, the wind was particularly strong behind me that day. Ahem. But, gust or no gust, that is one large head of hair, lady.  Honestly, my first reaction was, well, sheer horror. Then I snorted, which I tend to do when I'm laughing uncontrollably. Then there was that brief moment of "Dear God, this photograph must be destroyed." Which is a sentiment I usually feel w...

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    Posted by Mrs. Katie Mauro Zeigler on Apr 13 2012 12:53PM | 2 comments

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    Old Flames and Stanford Games

    It seems all the interesting things happen to me either during a Stanford football game or after. In college, sleeping out the night before the Oregon State game led to my first long-term boyfriend, I once fell down the stairs at Big Game, landing in the lap of an irate Cal fan, my in-laws met my family for the first time over the din of a Notre Dame/Stanford game..and then there was the infamous ex sighting.

    My husband Bram and I were having pizza in Palo Alto with my dear friend Peter and his fabulous girlfriend (now fabulous wife). And there, amid the smell of pepperoni and tales of motherhood, I looked up from my imported beer and saw "the ex": the man who, on his birthday, told me I smelled like onions..the one in college who told me the way I looked at him with love in my eyes was, “downright irritating.”

    Now, I am a married woman. I adore my husband. I have two sons, a great job writing and creating artwork and teaching art to childre...

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    Posted by Mrs. Katie Mauro Zeigler on Aug 17 2011 12:36PM | 0 comments