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The Alumni Blog : Cycling

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    Biking in the Snow - An Exercise in Hypothermia

    My last post gave an overview of the bike tour that Cameron and I did in Colorado in June. I hinted there that I would be describing Day 2 of the 7-day expedition, so here you go.

    Day 2 - a ride from Estes Park (Elev. 7,500') to Granby (Elev. 8,000') via Rocky Mountain National Park's Trail Ridge Road (Maximum Elev. 12,183') - was a near disaster. We knew that a cold front of some kind was approaching, and a healthy chance of rain was forecast, with temps expected to be in the low 40s up at the summit. The night before, we awoke to...

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    Posted by Mr. Marty Beene on Jul 26 2011 7:43AM | 0 comments

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    Manly-Man Father-Son Bonding

    I had the opportunity to do some manly-man father-son bonding in June, when my wife Pamela reported that a big crunch at work over the whole summer was going to keep her in the office instead of on vacation somewhere with us. We decided to try to tackle the Bicycle Tour of Colorado, which is a week-long, fully supported bike tour for up to 1,500 riders. This year, the selected route amounted to 420 miles (and around 30,000 vertical feet of climbing!) to be covered in six days of riding, with a rest day included after the first four days. The big selling point for this year's route was that the Day 2 itinerary would take us up and over Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park.

    With my

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    Posted by Mr. Marty Beene on Jul 21 2011 7:34AM | 0 comments