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The Alumni Blog : Whining

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    I'm Back - Finally!

    It's been months since I've posted an entry here (and "here" is now different than the original "Life with Junior" blog!). I have an excuse, actually, not counting just being busy in February: back in early March, I sneezed. Yes, that's it. Of course, the sneeze itself wasn't why I stopped posting. It was the weird back injury that resulted from it. I've never had any back problems, other than an occasional sore muscle after pulling weeds in the garden or whatever. But there I was - literally! - flat on my back for an entire week. I couldn't work because I couldn't find any even partially sitting position so that I could use a computer. In a way, that was OK because I did have sick time saved up and I got some use out of my Stanford snuggie, but it was frustrating.

    Then, just about the time my chiropractor had my back feeling better,...

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    Posted by Mr. Marty Beene on Jul 8 2011 8:47AM | 0 comments