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    We Are Our Children's First Line of Defense

    Gun owners, more often than not, speak of the right to bear arms. I’ve even heard some speak of it as a “God-given right” that everyone may arm themselves in self-defense with a gun. And I’ve tried to rationalize that in my own experience. Tried to humanize this need for a gun, whether to hunt for food or otherwise.  And I’ve taken that need to hunt, that need for a gun and attempted to equate it to something I use and need in my everyday life for pleasure and for my livelihood. The closest that I could figure out was my need for scissors for the paper artwork I make. Scissors can, most certainly, kill people. That is not what I use them for, but, for some, they may serve as a weapon. As such, should scissors we banned, I might complain. It is my right to own scissors, I might say. I do not use them to hurt others, I might protest. However, and this is the most important point of all, if scissors were used to kill 26 innocent people at an elemen...

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    Posted by Mrs. Katie Mauro Zeigler on Dec 17 2012 10:50AM | 2 comments

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    Corporate Governance and Director Training in Japan ... of All Places!

    Recent events around the world have once again demonstrated the extreme importance of corporate governance and risk management to our future well-being, and the need for training of effective board members. 

    I founded The Board Director Training Institute of Japan (BDTI) as a grass-roots, nonprofit foundation dedicated to the improvement of corporate governance in Japan through simple training and information sharing - the most effective and underutilized methods.  Our mission is to help revitalize Japan, raise awareness of governance, and promote the domestic and cross-border dialogues which at the end of the day will be the primary drivers of ESG (environmental, social and governance) advances in Japan and elsewhere.  The world has a lot of work to do, if we are to make governance work for a more sustainable world.  

    BDTI has been certified as a rare "public-interest organization" by the Japanese government, and its founders and advisors are ...

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    Posted by Nicholas Edward Benes, J.D. on Sep 30 2011 7:20AM | 0 comments