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    I Don't Want to be the Only One: Why I'm Helping Get Women Elected in 2012








    In January, The Unofficial Stanford Blog posted a picture of me handing out free condoms in White Plaza to celebrate the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Excited to share the news, I sent out the link to family and friends. Within a half an hour, I received a reply from my mom: “Oh well, I guess my daughter won’t be president.”

    Some people might point to my political views as the reason I would not get elected to office; in fact, my gender is a more historically grounded reason to believe I would not make it to an elected position. Besides the fact the U.S has yet to elect a female president, only 17% of Congress and 23% of state legislatures are women.


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    Posted by Ms. Natalie Joelle Goodis on Jul 5 2011 12:56PM | 0 comments