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Cardinal Conversations : September, 2010

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    Soccer player Rachel Buehler, '

    Rachel Buehler, '07, was captain of the Cardinal women's soccer team (for three years!). Recently she became the 12th woman to be named co-captain of U.S. women's soccer. She talks about sports, Stanford and her future. Excerpts:

    What do you do as co-captain?

    Christie Rampone is the other captain. She's very experienced. A lot of what I do is kind of help her. Part of the reason I got chosen to be captain is I'm a younger player. The national team has a range of ages. We have one girl in college that's in our pool of players; we have Kristine Lilly, who's 39 and a mom. A few of the women on the team [including Rampone] have kids, and several of them are in their mid-30s.

    How many people are on the team?

    There's a pool of players. That pool probably ranges from like 25, 30 players, that get brought into training camps pretty often. For tourname...

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