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Cardinal Conversations : May, 2010

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    Healthcare expert Dr. Alan Garber

    Alan Garber, MD '83, founding director of the health care program at the National Bureau of Economic Research, directs Stanford's Center for Health Policy at the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies and Stanford's Center for Primary Care and Outcomes Research at the School of Medicine. He's also, well, a genius: He graduated summa cum laude from Harvard, where he got his bachelor's degree and his PhD in economics. He talks about how to improve health care quality and costs--and about why the Farm is so special. Excerpts:

    You have said that limiting costs is the key to health reform working. How can we do that? After all, most patients want the best care, no matter the cost.

    There's a lot of care that's provided that doesn't offer the patient a lot of benefit. For exa...

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    Pulitzer Prize-winning historian David Kennedy

    Who better to co-chair the Pulitzer Prize board than a Pulitzer Prize winner? Enter historian David Kennedy, who received his bachelor's degree from Stanford in 1963 and returned to teach at the Farm in 1967 (after getting his PhD from Yale). In a Class Day speech a few years ago, Kennedy urged students to "get out and make things happen." Today he talks about how everyone--from award-winning authors to students to alumni--can seize the day and "make the world move." Excerpts:

    Since 2002, you've served on the Pulitzer Prize board--and Columbia University just announced that you would co-chair it for the next year. What does this mean for you? Lots of trips to New York? Mega-hours spent reading long books?

    This is the culmination of that tour of duty. The board routinely meets in New York twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring to s...

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    Public service directors

    A quarter century ago, Stanford became one of the nation's first universities to start a center dedicated to public service. Today an estimated two-thirds of Stanford undergraduates do volunteer activities during their four years on the Farm. The Haas Center for Public Service's co-leaders--executive director Thomas (Tom) Schnaubelt and Peter E. Haas director Dr. Gabriel (Gabe) Garcia, also associate dean of medical school admissions--talk about alumni involvement, what Donald Kennedy means to the center, and future projects. Excerpts:

    How many students work with the Haas Center?

    Gabe: It's very hard to give you a firm number. Our focus has traditionally been on undergraduate students. There are hundreds of students that have deep and substantive participation in our program. Many times what we will do is refer a student to a program that we don't run, but it is in line with the i...

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