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Cardinal Conversations : April, 2010

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    '60s Dollie Freddie Baumstark Jackson

    Dollies in moccasins, not go-go boots? You bet. Flash back to 1964-65, when Freddie Baumstark Jackson, '67, was one of the five Dollies who danced with the Incomparable Leland Stanford Junior University Marching Band. Freddie talks about life with the Band--and on the Farm--in the era of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King. Excerpts:



    What's different about Dollies today?


    The biggest difference is we were the Stanford Indians. We had Prince Lightfoot. He was actually a tribal leader of a Pacific Northwest tribe. He was very dignified and came to the games in full regalia. He was a Native American Indian and a chief of the tribe. He used to come to the games dressed with the feathers, full dress. Our everyday uniforms, we actually wore a headband with a feather on it. For Big Game, we all wore white with fringe and white headbands, and we wore moccasins. For the regular season, our feather was red wit...

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    Posted by Ms. Karen Springen on Apr 7 2010 3:31PM | 0 comments