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Cardinal Conversations : December, 2011

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    Fiesta Bowl Executive Director Robert Shelton

    Robert and Adrian SheltonFive months ago Arizona native Robert Shelton, '70, Engr. '72, became executive director of the Fiesta Bowl – just in time to watch Stanford take on Oklahoma State on January 2 at the University of Phoenix Stadium. He carefully avoids showing any favoritism.  (Note that his jacket is yellow, not red.) But he met his wife, Adrian (Millar, '70), pictured at left with Shelton, freshman year. And his three kids all spent at least four years on the Farm. He shares some thoughts about this other "big game" and about Stanford. Excerpts:

    You were president of the University of Arizona for the past five years. Why did you leave academia for sports?

    My goodness! First of all, it happened very suddenly. From the time of initial contact to when we announced the deal was maybe three weeks. It wasn't something I'd been thinking about, but I'd done this job at the Uni...

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    Posted by Ms. Karen Springen on Dec 20 2011 10:23PM | 0 comments