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Cardinal Conversations : January, 2010

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    Stanford Admissions Dean Rick Shaw

    Alumni wonder whether they'd get into Stanford today--and often conclude, "no." Rick Shaw, dean of undergraduate admission and financial aid since September 2005, talks about who gets a "yes" packet, why he left Yale for the Farm, and how he and the University's 22 admissions officers are handling nearly 32,000 applications this year. Yikes! Excerpts:

    What was your Dartmouth class?

    '72--500,000 years ago. 

    How is applying to college different than when you wrote an essay about the actor Jimmy Stewart and got into Dartmouth?

    You know too much! I suppose it hasn't changed at all. We ask students to speak about themselves and try to get beyond trying to determine what they think we want to read. We would like kids to write from their heart and try to spend some time really contemplating who the...

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    Posted by Ms. Karen Springen on Jan 14 2010 2:38PM | 0 comments