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Cardinal Conversations : Haas Center--public service

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    Public service directors

    A quarter century ago, Stanford became one of the nation's first universities to start a center dedicated to public service. Today an estimated two-thirds of Stanford undergraduates do volunteer activities during their four years on the Farm. The Haas Center for Public Service's co-leaders--executive director Thomas (Tom) Schnaubelt and Peter E. Haas director Dr. Gabriel (Gabe) Garcia, also associate dean of medical school admissions--talk about alumni involvement, what Donald Kennedy means to the center, and future projects. Excerpts:

    How many students work with the Haas Center?

    Gabe: It's very hard to give you a firm number. Our focus has traditionally been on undergraduate students. There are hundreds of students that have deep and substantive participation in our program. Many times what we will do is refer a student to a program that we don't run, but it is in line with the i...

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