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Cardinal Conversations : overseas studies

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    Overseas studies director Norman Naimark

    We'll always have…Florence! With the 50th anniversary of Stanford's program in Italy coming up in June, overseas studies director Norman Naimark, '66, MA '68, PhD '72, talks about life off the Farm. Excerpts:

    What percent of students head overseas now? About half of our undergraduates go abroad. We send roughly 800 students a year. We've raised the numbers over the past years. We're back to its height.

    When was the peak period?

    The late '60s. People went then for six months. Now they usually go just for a quarter. The majors are so demanding. The students have so much going on back on campus.

    You run programs in 11 places--Australia, Beijing, Berlin, Cape Town, Florence, Kyoto, Madrid, Moscow, Oxford, Paris and Santiago?</...

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