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    Sociologist Doug McAdam on the Occupy Wall Street Movement

    Since the first Occupy Wall Street gathering on September 17, protesters have demonstrated on streets across the nation to express their unhappiness about growing financial disparities, among other things. To find out more, I talked with professor Doug McAdam, director of the urban studies program at Stanford, who researches youth activism and social movements—from Teach for America to Occupy Wall Street. Excerpts:

     Doug McAdam

    How do you define this movement? Is it mostly a protest against income inequality in the United States?

    Inequality broadly is clearly underlying the protests. A lot of the encampments harken back to the anti-globalism, anti-neoliberal protests of the '90s and the 2000s, starting with the Battle in Seattle in 1999. Those folks have always been opposed to rampant capitalism and its effects around the world.

    What has Oc...

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    Posted by Ms. Karen Springen on Nov 9 2011 12:33PM | 5 comments