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Cardinal Conversations : Space exploration

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    Former Astronaut Scott Parazynski

    With NASA’s last space shuttle mission set to launch July 8, we touched base with former astronaut Scott Parazynski, ’83, MD ’89. Among other things, the Renaissance man is known for his five NASA flights (including seven space walks); for being astronaut John Glenn’s doctor in outer space; for being a little tall (6’ 2”) to squeeze into the tiny Russian SOYUZ capsule; and for becoming the first astronaut to climb Mount Everest. Parazynski, a member of NASA’s Astronaut Corps from 1992 to 2009, today serves as chief technology officer and chief medical officer at the Methodist Hospital Research Institute (TMHRI) in Houston, and as chairman of the board of the Challenger Center for Space Science Education. Excerpts:

    My family just went to Disney World and tried “Mission: Space.” H...

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    Posted by Ms. Karen Springen on Jun 20 2011 8:25AM | 1 comments