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Offer HelpBe There For Stanford Students and Alumni

It all starts with keeping your profiles up to date with your current information. By doing so (and being open to sharing your career experience and advice), you make it easier for Stanford students and recent grads to seek career advice and opportunities.

Offer Career Support

Update Your Alumni Profile

Visit and log in (upper right-hand corner). You’ll be prompted to sign in to Stanford Pass (the new name for your existing alumni account). If you do not have an account, you can create one now by selecting “Sign Up.” If you are already logged in, select “My Account.”

  • Under My Profile, select “Edit.”

  • Make sure your address, email and LinkedIn URL are correct and up to date. Save any changes.

  • Select “Professional” and check the Current Positions section; make sure the company name, title, industry and function fields are complete and up to date. Then add any current associations/board positions.

  • Select “Education” and, if applicable, make sure the “Other degrees” field is complete and up to date. (Students often search for alumni who have degrees from other institutions in addition to Stanford.)

  • Your updates will be automatically reflected in the Alumni Directory as well as the graduate school directories for Business, Law and Medicine if you are an alum.

Update Your LinkedIn Profile

When reviewing your LinkedIn profile, the most important sections to keep up to date are “Experience” and “Education.” Having updated information in these sections helps students and recent grads quickly find alums by industry, organization and school.