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Stanford Associates' Board of Governors 2013-2014


Rich Jaroslovsky, '75, Emerald Hills, CA

Executive Committee

Michelle Landrey Cline, '93, MBA '98, Austin, TX
Woody Howse, '61, MBA '70, Mercer Island, WA
Andrea Jones, '87, Oakland, CA


Victor Arias, MBA '82, Dallas, TX
Peter Bhatia, '75, Portland, OR
Kim Bluitt, '92, Santa Barbara, CA
Maria Camacho, '01, Beverly Hills, CA
Anne Dauer, '60, Palo Alto, CA
John Driver, '86, Poway, CA
Steven Jewell, '74, Portland, OR
Monica Lai, '99, New York, NY
Brian Mariscal, '84, Wellesley, MA
Juli Oh, '91, Del Mar, CA
Mark Oldman, '91, AM '93, JD '98, New York, NY
Rick Pike, '87, MS '88, Minneapolis, MN
Frank Ramirez, '76, MBA '83, Fort Collins, CO
Bill Stone, '67, MBA '69, Stanford, CA
Christy Wise, '75, Washington, DC

Honorary Governors

Carol Benz, '85, San Francisco, California
Jean Coblentz, '47, Sunnyvale, CA

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