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Alumni Day of Service

One day. Volunteer in your community alongside Stanford alumni, families and friends on May 17, 2014. With 200,000+ alumni around the globe, one day can make a world of difference.

A sample of what alumni have accomplished

  • Helping Kids

    • Packed art supplies to improve arts education in underfunded schools
    • Inspired a love of learning by reading to elementary school children
    • Spruced up a playground for children at a homeless shelter
  • The Environment

    • Gave indigenous habitat a chance to flourish at a National Park by planting native species
    • Brought sparkle back to a local beach with fellow alumni
    • Planted seeds at a farm dedicated to increasing food security in low income neighborhoods
  • And More...

    • Shared career advice and reviewed resumes with veterans
    • Registered potential donors with the Bone Marrow Donor Registry
    • Baked pies in support of local food banks
    • Entertained senior citizens with the entire family

About Beyond the Farm

At the heart of Stanford University's founding principles is "a desire to render the greatest possible service to mankind." Though these are Jane Stanford's words, generations of Stanford alumni have made these words their own—this commitment is what Beyond the Farm is all about.

Beyond the Farm seeks to extend Stanford's spirit of service to communities around the world through the volunteer efforts of alumni, family and friends. With the dedication of every individual within the University's 200,000+ strong alumni community, we can make a world of difference.

Make Jane proud. Continue Stanford's legacy of service beyond the Farm.

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