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Patagonia Expedition

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March 28 to April 9, 2012

Travel to the tip of South America with two leading researchers of sustainability and the environment, Pamela Matson and Peter Vitousek.

Here, where the Andes mountain range rises majestically, gaze at native penguins, guanacos, rheas, foxes, elephant seals and whales. Aboard the MV Via Australis, navigate iceberg-dotted waters to reach the region’s spectacular glaciers. From the southernmost tip of South America, soak in the view at the mythical Cabo de Hornos and explore Torres del Paine at the foot of the Andean range, where dramatic mountain peaks reach up into billowing clouds. Enjoy full days of guided hikes and horseback rides along the shores of sapphire lakes, then relax in style and comfort at the exclusive Explora Lodge.


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Pamela Matson
Earth Sciences

Professor Matson has worked in the area of environment and sustainability for over 20 years. She and her students and collaborators have worked on sustainability of agricultural systems.

Peter Vitousek
Biological Sciences

Professor Vitousek and his laboratory have worked on the global cycles of nitrogen and phosphorus, and how they are altered by human activity; on biological invasions by exotic species and how they can change the functioning of whole ecosystems.

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