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June 13, 2010: the 119th Commencement

Linda A. Cicero

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When students move out, they pack memories along with a lot of possessions. But they also leave tons (literally) behind.

The triumphant spirit of the University's 119th Commencement reflected both individual and group achievement in an assortment of moments and settings, such as the gathering in the Main Quad for the Baccalaureate, a multifaith celebration held on June 12. It also pulsated with sentiments that were deeply emotional, such as hugs for parents, and as lighthearted as clown costumes.

Guest speakers added a more serious aspect to the weekend's proceedings. A common thread linking talks on Saturday by Baccalaureate speaker Eboo Patel, executive director of the Interfaith Youth Core and Class Day speaker, philosophy professor Debra Satz, and on Sunday by Commencement speaker Susan E. Rice, U.S. ambassador to the U.N., was their plea to graduates to engage in service to help right the world's wrongs.

wacky walk poster
VIDEO: Graduates start the Wacky Walk at Commencement 2010.

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