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Keypad Cupid

Virtual flirting is hot new pastime.

Christoph Hitz

[actual LikeAlittle exchange]

A social media outlet launched at Stanford last fall has become a popular new hangout for college students everywhere. LikeALittle, co-founded by Evan Reas, MBA '09, is essentially a virtual flirting site, where users post come-ons and compliments from the anonymity of their smartphone or computer. Let's say a guy is sitting at Tresidder and sees a classmate who is just his type a few tables away. Instead of approaching her and risking rejection, he posts a short note on LikeALittle. If she recognizes herself in his description and responds . . . you get the idea.

Judging by its adoption at more than 400 schools, Reas's invention is LikedALot.

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